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Licensed Massage Therapist

Kerrianne, LMT

Lic. #25574

Licensed Massage Therapist - Prescott, Arizona

Kerrianne, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello. My name is Kerrianne. I am a licensed massage therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapist Association.

I became interested in massage therapy at a very young age. I was, like many people, always injuring myself from incorrect body mechanics and was in constant pain. The only way I could receive relief from my injuries was through massage. It became my passion to try and help others through massage as I had experienced.  

I went forward with my dream and graduated from Carrington College in Boise, Idaho where I was able to learn various techniques from some of the best instructors in the industry. My passion for my career has only deepened as I continue to educate myself daily to find the best techniques to ensure an outstanding natural healing approach that is customized to each of my clients needs. I truly believe that massage can have life changing effects not only on the body but the mind and spirit as well.

I have had the privilege of treating a variety of clients in my journey which include Parkinson’s patients, competitive weight training athletes, veterans, geriatrics, and many people who have sustained injuries from everyday life experiences.

I am experienced in a variety of techniques including include aromatherapy, deep tissue, swedish, trigger point therapy, sports massage and connective tissue massage. I enjoy listening to each of my client’s stories and creating a personized approach to insure the client receives the ideal massage tailored to their specific needs. My goal is to make sure that each client I see walks out of each session with results above their expectations as well as an improvement in their quality of life.

Client Reviews

L.A. PRESCOTT, AZ on 5/22/2019

The facility and atmosphere is very calming and relaxing--I was quite impressed on my first visit (I am now a monthly member)! Kerrianne has been awesome--she works very hard to work out all of my pain as well as givess a soothing massage. The staff is very friendly as well.

A.S. PRESCOTT, AZ. On 4/21/2019

I have been coming to A Valley of Vitality now for over 3 years and one thing I really appreciate is how the therapist’s work hard to relieve pain. The second thing I have really appreciated is all the kind intuitive and professional, therapeutic therapists. There is an air of care within the whole studio. Thanks Everyone!

D.M PRESCOTT, AZ on 4/14/2019

I have been receiving professional massages for most of my adult life. While I always considered it vital to my health & well-being, now that I’m getting older and suffer from chronic muscle pain & stiffness, getting frequent massages has become necessary to my mobility as well. I’ve had professional massages done worldwide and the therapists at A Valley of Vitality compare with the best of them. In fact, I recently told Kerrianne that this talent never ceases to amaze me.

J. L. PRESCOTT, AZ on 4/3/2019

I have been a client of A Valley of Vitality for over three years, enjoying monthly relaxation massages. The staff is always professional and Kerrianne is a great addition to the team. The environment is serene and relaxing. A favorite treat of mine is having A Valley of Vitality come to my office setting and treating our employees to chair massages. What a great morale booster! I would highly recommend A Valley of Vitality to anyone for either full-body or chair massage services.

Karen M. PRESCOTT, AZ on 3/28/2019

I love A Valley of Vitality. I am a PA and I have always had knowledgeable therapists work on me. I respect the professionals employed by this organization. The staff is pleasant, helpful and extremely courteous. I endorse and recommend this place to anyone who is looking for quality massage therapy.