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Jodi, LMT

Lic. # MT-17662

Licensed Massage Therapist - Prescott, Arizona

Jodi, LMT

I look forward to meeting you and being able to assist you on your wellness program!

Hi, I am Jodi, and I am glad to join Amanda Barnett as a massage therapist at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio. Let me give you a little background. I started my health and wellness career as a fitness instructor. After a few years, I decided that I wanted to do more to assist others in the health and wellness program by learning more in the massage therapy field.

In 1985, I attended massage school where I found a life-long learning path and developed a passion for massage therapy. I started out with deep tissue massage, then added more specific techniques. I became certified in :

1. Thai Yoga Massage, which brings energy back into the body and is very effective for opening up tight shoulder and hip girdles.

2. The Ingham Method of Reflexology, in which I have taken this certification course with Dwight Byers, nephew of Eunice Ingham,(the founder of reflexology) and Dwight's grandson, James Pederson.

When I am not working with my clients, I enjoy being an avid distance runner. I enjoy challenging myself by running in marathons. So far I have participated in thirty marathons, four 50Ks and one 50 mile run! In addition to running, I also enjoy practicing Yoga three times a week.

With Many Blessings,

Jodi, LMT

Client Reviews

Kristin M. 9/16/2017

I been seeing Jodi a few times for work on my neck and back. I have a desk job and use a computer a lot so I get pain from sitting too much and leaning forward. Jodi has excellent skills and I am impressed with her body and postural knowledge. Jodi’s massages are well-worth every penny and have given me fantastic results.

Pam B. 3/2017

Jodi is great. My body frame is rather small, and I’ve had a hard time finding a therapist that can give me enough pressure- whether they fear my size, gender, etc., And, although therapeutic massage isn’t all about deep pressure, it is important for a therapist to have range! Jodi is very attentive, listens and I leave feeling over all very relaxed and restored. I am so happy to have found her. The studio is in a great location for me and is very clean and relaxing. She has made a world of difference from when I started seeing her a couple of months ago. She was able to confirm areas of my muscles being imbalanced that I needed to work on, and taught me about areas I have been neglecting. She gave me recommended stretches I needed to perform and suggested I use a foam roller.

Matt B. 11/2016

I’ve been a client for several years now. I have tried several therapists at the studio before finding the right fit for me. Jodi is very knowledgeable and skilled. I have a heavy work out schedule and my visits to her greatly reduce the problems I was having. She eliminated the pain I was having and now I am on a monthly maintenance plan and have been pain free.

Ron D. 8/2/2016

My experience at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio was fantastic! Jodi Day was my massage therapist and she was super great! The environment is very nice and relaxing! Jodi listened to exactly what I asked of her. She was very professional and gave me a lot of relief with my neck and shoulder pain. Her skill set and techniques are incredible. I highly recommend and will return! .

Karen B. 7/12/2015

Massage Prescott is fantastic. As a keen sportsman with various ongoing injuries I have been seeing Jodi on a regular basis since 2014. She has worked on specific issues as well as provided general sports massage, allowing me to stay on the ice, soccer field and golf course. Don't know what I'd do without her :) Highly recommend and have referred many friends over the years all of whom have been very happy with both the service and the convenient location and the online scheduler.

John D. 6/14/2014

Wow! Jodi is simply amazing. I can honestly say BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a truly therapeutic experience from the beginning to the end. I have never had a massage feel like it was accomplishing so much for my body and my health. I went to her for a Thai massage and I also had a major kink in my neck and she worked her magic on it. She knows exactly what to do and how to work the muscle with just the right amount of pressure. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I will be seeing her on a regular basis to maintain my health.

Jodi is a massage master. She really listens to my needs. The pressure is always just right. I have been using massage therapy for 30+ years and have seen many therapists. Jodi ranks the highest on my list at present. I had been seeing another female for 5 years until she moved out of the area. Its taken me a few visits with different people to find such a great fit with Jodi. I highly recommend her!!

Lawrence P. 5/2/2014

Until I had found Jodi Day, LMT I had not found a licensed massage therapist in the area to apply enough pressure in order to relax my tight muscles, and to relieve my chronic tension, or to de-stress my mind and body. Jodi, LMT at Massage Prescott is the massage therapist you have been looking for. Jodi Day, utilizes all her learned modalities in her 27 years of experience to work the energetic holding patterns of your tight, sore muscles to relieve tension and stress by allowing the muscle and the mind to relax. She uses techniques of deep breathing and visualizations to help connect your mind and body, while working on the areas of tension and stress. She is a goal-oriented massage therapist. So if you are a person that has chronic tension, stress, or emotional healing that has not been addressed, then Jodi Day, LMT is the massage therapist for you in the Prescott, area.

Mary C. 3/12/2014

“Massage Prescott is not only conveniently located and open 7 days a week but also offers the best massages in the city at the most reasonable prices you will find. I’ve been going to Jodi for massages for almost 3 years now and will not go to anyone else! She takes the time to speak with her clients before the massage begins to assess their needs and tailors each massage using the information she takes away from the consultation. My stress levels are much lower after each visit and I feel like a new person when I leave. You will spend less at Massage Prescott and receive a much better massage and overall experience than any spa I’ve been to in Prescott, be a spa in town or a luxury hotel” !

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