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Licensed Massage Therapist

Jenny, LMT

Lic. # 11440

Licensed Massage Therapist - Prescott, Arizona

Jenny LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jenny has 20 years of experience and prides herself on relieving muscular pain and dysfunction.

She strives to assist each client in reaching their goals of pain management, increased range of motion, and relaxation. She believes we all contain the innate ability to heal and uses an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind. Through compassionate and careful listening.

Her style combines clinically based deep tissue, myofascial techniques, and stretching to calm, reset and relax the body. She is skilled and proficient in deep tissue, connective tissue, myofascial release, clinical cupping, prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage.

She enjoys drawing from these various modalities to create an individualized experience that will help each client to feel his or her best.

When she is not working she loves spending her free time with her family and pets and has a great love for the outdoors and for Mother Earth. She loves camping, hiking, photography and journaling.

Client Reviews

Hannah D. April 28, 2018

Jenny was very professional. Gave me a wonderful massage experience. Explained what she was doing and why massage is beneficial. She explained that there are things going on with my back and gave me tips on what I could to for my own wellness. She also gave me some homework to address those concerns. Absolutely an excellent overall experience.

Kathryn N. April 16, 2018

Jenny was perfect. She was very affective with her massage techniques and attentive, and she knew exactly what to do to easy my tension in my shoulders and neck. I have had many in my lifetime and I would rate her in the top 2. I will return and highly recommend!

Jeffrey C. May 17, 2018

Jenny was a good communicator during my massage. She understood what I needed out of our session. She was very professional and highly skilled, so excited I found someone I feel comfortable going to and knows what she is doing. I look forward to many more visits. Thank you Jenny!