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Sports Massage

Sports massage can be characterized into two groups: pre-activity and post-activity massage. Pre-activity uses dynamic stretching to allow the connective tissue to work through a full range of motion, thereby reducing possible injury.

Sports Massage utilizes various massage and stretching techniques to treat muscles specific to an athletes sport. This highly effective massage is combined with a variety of compressions, stretches and cross-friction techniques that focus on muscles relevant to a particular activity. Treatment allows the athlete to train at a higher degree of intensity with less chance of injury, furthermore, your recovery time will be hastened.

Whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, sports massage is an effective tool that aides in muscle recovery, flexibility and injury prevention.

*Rejuvenate and Recover from athletic events and rehabilitate from sports, work related injuries.

*Boosts athletic performances, helps prevent injuries, prolongs endurance, and restores mobility to injured muscle tissue.

Sports Massage

Post-activity sports massage focuses on recovering the muscle tissue that may have been impacted doing the particular sport. It involves long strokes to flush out the toxins that causes soreness in the muscles and joints. It works to find any knots or blockages and breaks them up so drinking water will then help flush out the toxins, and reduce recovery time.

For people who run or are in regular sports activities adding a sports massage to your regiment can help to benefit your performance.

A Sports massage is not just for athletes it can benefit anyone with injuries, people with a restricted range of motion or someone with chronic pain. Sports Massage is just one of the massage modalities we may incorporate as we customize your massage.