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Client Customer Reviews

I suffer through pain almost every day. I am very grateful that Kara has been able to relieve some of that pain with therapeutic massage. I only wish I could come more often. Your entire staff is very friendly and I feel healthy and revived every time I visit. Valley of Vitality is an excellent addition to this community providing essential therapeutic care for the body.

Thank you,

~ Michael, Prescott

What a wonderful place! Amanda is so very intuitive and so knowledgeable. This is a warm and inviting atmosphere. Love the way I feel afterwards. The sauna is awesome too!

~ W. Kircher, Prescott

As someone who has lyme disease would recommend the services offered at Valley of Vitality. Have found that using the infra red spa and therapeutic massage prove to be beneficial in helping control the lyme bacteria in my body.

~ John H., ~Prescott

Jodi is a massage master. She really listens to my needs. The pressure is always just right. I have been using massage therapy for 30+ years and have seen many therapists. Jodi ranks the highest on my list at present. I had been seeing another female for 5 years until she moved out of the area. Its taken me a few visits with different people to find such a great fit with Jodi. I highly recommend her!!

~ Rebecca, Prescott, AZ.

I was staying in Prescott and asked the Hassayampa Hotel if they could recommend a good massage therapist. They immediately recommended A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio. Kara was my massage therapist and she has a lot of tools in her bag and used some excellent techniques in relieving my wrenched neck and back tension.

~ L.D. B.C

I have tried many locations in the Prescott area and A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is the certainly the best. The atmosphere is very friendly and professional. The therapists are very responsive to customers’ needs. I always leave feeling both physically and mentally relaxed. When someone asks me where to go for a massage, it’s the first place I recommend. I would never go anywhere else. Sincerely,

~ B. Sanders

Wow! Jodi Day is simply amazing. I can honestly say BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a truly therapeutic experience from the beginning to the end. I have never had a massage feel like it was accomplishing so much for my body and my health. I went to her for a Thai massage and I also had a major kink in my neck and she worked her magic on it. She knows exactly what to do and how to work the muscle with just the right amount of pressure. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I will be seeing her on a regular basis to maintain my health.

~ M. Pickler, Prescott, AZ.

I have frequently felt disconcerted about patronizing independent practitioners - how did I know they were any good? I've seen Amanda twice now and both times she was the very image of professionalism and kindness. A joy to interact with and the product was a fantastic deep tissue massage that helped me experience real relaxation and peace - something hard to come by in my stressful job. I will definitely be back. Her prices are very reasonable considering the quality of her services.

~ E. Colban, Prescott, AZ.

Until I had found Jodi Day, LMT I had not found a licensed massage therapist in the area to apply enough pressure in order to relax my tight muscles, and to relieve my chronic tension, or to de-stress my mind and body. Jodi Day, LMT at Massage Prescott is the massage therapist you have been looking for. Jodi Day, utilizes all her learned modalities in her 27 years of experience to work the energetic holding patterns of your tight, sore muscles to relieve tension and stress by allowing the muscle and the mind to relax. She uses techniques of deep breathing and visualizations to help connect your mind and body, while working on the areas of tension and stress. She is a goal-oriented massage therapist. So if you are a person that has chronic tension, stress, or emotional healing that has not been addressed, then Jodi Day, LMT is the massage therapist for you in the Prescott, area.

~ D. Kirk, Prescott, AZ.

Amanda always provides the best massage and has an intuitive knock of finding just the right areas to focus! She keeps up to date with the newest modalities and incorporates into her practice when her clients need it.

~ T. Lucek, Prescott Valley, AZ.

" My husband and I always look forward to our massages at A Valley of Vitality. The therapists are always warm and friendly, knowledgeable and professional every time we visit. This has become an ultimate relaxation experience for us".

~ Gordon J., Prescott, AZ.

I was referred to Amanda by one of my doctors and have seen her for several years and she always continues to educate herself and learn techniques to relieve what ails you. She is the only person I truly trust to massage and work on my back when it hurts. Always a relaxing and incredible experience. I fall asleep on the table. Just Awesome

~ S. Smith Prescott, AZ.

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