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If you are looking for relaxation and stress relief in the Prescott area. You will come to appreciate our skill and professionalism. We believe in having the most highly skilled professional massage therapist in the area.

You can contact us by phone at 928.442.6026 or use our convenient and
friendly Online Scheduler to book Same Day appointments based on availaiblity with Jodi Day, LMT or click on Contact Us or Quick Date Check.

We look forward to helping you with with your Health & Wellness needs through healing & relaxation with
regular Professional Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage Therapy.

Utilizing many years of experience and a variety of techniques, we customize every session to your specific needs. All bodywork is provided in a safe, calm setting where change, healing and nourishment can flourish.

At Massage Prescott, our special massage techniques reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue, and remove pain throughout your body. With all of our advanced training we use a range of modalities in our sessions to improve circulation, detoxify your body, relieve tension, improve digestion, enhance muscle tone, and increase mental alertness. Our massages not only benefit the body, they benefit the mind as well.

Massage Therapy can be an essential part of getting back in touch with your self. The benefits of massage therapy are extensively documented to be an important part of the wellness process. Without the right wellness approach, the body can refer pain far away from the root causes of pain. Furthermore, the symptoms are most likely treated, rather than the underlying causes.

Some Physical and Mental benefits of Massage Therapy include:

• Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.

• Boosts immune system

• Enhanced immunity by stimulating lymph flow-the body's natural defense system.

• Decreased anxiety and muscle tension

• Enhanced sleep quality

• Renewed energy, decreased depression and anxiety.

• Improved concentration/alertness

• Increased circulation by pumping oxygen rich nutrients into the tissues and vital organs.

• Decrease depression with increased endorphins

• Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers

• Release of accumulated stress & toxins

• Ease medication dependence

• Relaxation

• Physical Healing

• Improved Digestion

• Improved Mobility

• Pain Relief

• Detoxification

• Increased Energy

• Improved Circulation

• Improved Sleeping Patterns

• Stress Reduction

• Increased Productivity

Specializing in advanced techniques to help you realize lasting, whole-body wellness.

Positive results even in chronic and difficult to treat cases.
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